Glenn Plaisier (b. 1987 - The Netherlands) is a visual artist working with ideas surrounding jokes and disappointments. His practice spreads across a wide variety of materials creating conceptual interventions, objects and texts, focussing the gaze towards paradoxical or ironic arrangements of every day objects or social tendencies. Rooted in Graphic design, educated as a painter he searches to be on point in off spaces and sways between white cubes and obscured night clubs.
He currently lives and works in the former German Democratic Republic.

Solo, Selected Exhibitions & Video Livesets

2021 Game of the Gods (UPCOMING) Jedan Osam Jedan Rotterdam
2020 Hectobar 4.0 Tent Rotterdam
2019 Lekker Nederlandse Kamer Lindenow #15 Leipzig
School Fundamental Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
Remembre the Rembre Rembrandtlaan 39 Enschede
2018 Let's pretend this never happened Der Laden Berlin
ROUTINE x 10 JAHRE HSL! Objekt Klein A Dresden
2017 silver/boatsketch/lines Lindenow #13 Leipzig
Summer Opening Aftershow Z-Bau Nürnberg
Flamingocat Handmade Geometry Galerie KUB Leipzig
2016 Closed Curtains Nachtexpo Deventer
Take Off Institut Für Zukunft Leipzig
Center for Art and Urbanistics ZK/U Berlin
Ship Ahoi Matey Lindenow #12 Leipzig
Tracks and Traces Galerie Het Bouwhuis Deventer
Plat Werk, het Bouwhuis Rotterdam Contemporary Rotterdam
Start-Up, AKI Painting Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam
Crappy Fader XX-Supercronik Leipzig
2015 Gen-ie: Group exhibition Coffee & Coconuts Amsterdam
Graduation Exhibition Concordia & AKI Building Enschede
Green Vibrations Preparty University Twente Enschede
2013 Birth Of a Fish, w/ Charlotte Bruns Rundgang: Bunker Bochum


2018 MSc. Design Research Bauhaus Dessau
2015 BFA. Painting AKI artez Enschede
2006 Propedeuse, Graphic Design CABK Zwolle
2005 Preliminary Year Rietveld Academie Amsterdam

Residencies & Internships

2020 2 Month Residency MODS.SM The Internet
2019 3 Month Internship Famed Leipzig
2016 3 Month Residency Yacht Club Leutzsch Leipzig


2021 Voorproeven in Luilekkerland, edition of 70.
Printed Cassettetape, no booklet, two times 12 minutes.
Published by De Hardwerkende Hommel.
2020 Die 26 Grundbuchstaben des deutschen Alphabets, edition of 26.
Handdrawn Poster on A2 (59,4 × 42 cm)



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